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What is it about Pin Up?

What exactly changes when you put on a figure enhancing dress, pop a flower in your hair and throw on some red lipstick?

My whole life I have always struggled to accept myself, I have NEVER been a confident person and I still have days when I struggle with it. I was never the prettiest, I was never the thinnest, I was never the loudest and I was never the smartest. There was always this unattainable level of perfection portrayed to me and I just couldn't seem to squeeze my body into it... no matter which mold I chose.

I tried the "Skater Chick", the "Nerdy Chick", the "Goth Chick", the "Girl Next Door", the "Spice Girl" (no judgement!), the "Sophisticated Girl", the "Biker Chick", the "Kmart Mum", the "Active Wear Non-Athlete"...

and so many more. God, I even did the fur boots with jeans look. Seriously, who didn't though?

Many of these looks I'm sure were lovely on me, many I'm sure looked horrific but none of them made me feel like me. Nor did they make me feel confident or sexy or attractive. I just kinda felt like I was trying to be someone else, I had impostor syndrome.

Then in my mid 20's I tried the "Pin Up" look and I found a style that matched my soul. I finally felt like ME! I had always admired others, but after a rather tumultuous time in my life I had reached the point where I went, "Screw it... I can do this!"

I went from being this awkward, self conscious and overlooked little lady to a lady in red who always has a smile on her face. You know why?

Cause I am genuinely happy!

I have found a style that loves my whole lotta junk in the trunk, my child-bearing hips that sway when I walk, my belly that has never, EVER, been flat and my boobs that never fit with any other style... FINALLY I had found clothing that not only embraces them, it celebrates them!

Add to that a little red lipstick and some winged liner and GOOD LORD! The difference in how you feel is astounding! I've had many clients come through my Pin Up Parlour that have spent the whole hour telling me they aren't into make up, they aren't "girly girls", they have NEVER done anything like this before and you know what. When I show them their finished look, we both have tears in our eyes. They become a whole new person. I literally get to see their confidence and self-worth grow, right in front of me. I get to show them the beauty I saw the moment they walked in and finally they can see it for themselves.

If you haven't given yourself the chance to try this. If you are like me and you struggle with your self image, you feel unattractive, unworthy, unnoticed... Give Pin Up a go. Pin Up embraces you, all of you. Pin Up is all about being feminine, being confident, being empowered.

My dream is to share this confidence. You don't have to love Pin Up, heck you don't even have to like the era but trust me, on those days when you are feeling down, on those days when you feel frumpy, lost and like you can barely remember what you look like "done up". Pull out the picture of you looking Pin Up perfect and your smile will be a little bigger, your heart will be a little fuller and your self worth will be a little higher. I will even bet your hips start swaying again when you walk. We all have "Mum" days, but that doesn't mean that's all we are.

You're a badass. Don't you forget it.


Ash xx

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