Brand New Opportunities!

You know what excites me?


Bargain Shopper

Yep... I'm a big ol' sucker for a good deal. Which makes me well educated in judging just what is a good deal and what's just a ploy to pull people in. Take your generic "SALE" stickers that when you actually look at the normal price and the "sale" price, they are in fact the same and the sign doesn't not actually mean you are getting a good deal... it's simply stating this item is available to purchase. Cheeky devils!

This happens far more often then I like... so when I do find a really good deal. I damn well get excited! When I read the latest Media Release from SeneGence®... well, I just about fell off my seat!

SeneGence® have just released a brand new offer for all new wholesale account owners! And Ragers, I'm jumping up and down a like a crazy woman with excitement because the opportunity this offer brings is one hell of a doozy!!!

Starting this September, EVERY single brand new lipboss that signs up to receive the wholesale discounts (let's be honest only crazy cat ladies would pass up these kinds of discounts!! I myself and a crazy cat lady that came to her senses...)

Will get the 50% off discount for a minimum 300PV order! You may not fully understand the term PV, which is totally ok, but normally you don't get that kind of discount until you reach 750PV. What this means is YOU WILL GET ALL YOUR PRODUCTS AT HALF PRICE AT LESS THAN HALF OF THE NORMAL REQUIREMENTS!!!

Let's put this into actual figures yeah?

It's so simple!

It's this simple. Sell 6 LipSense® Collections to your friends and family and score NINE LipSense Colours, a gloss and marketing materials FOR FREE!!!

You'd be CRAZY not too!

If you are a smart cookie like me, let me help you get the most out of this amazing deal. Click here to email me and let's hook you up!


Ash xx

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