Plump up the volume!!

Ultimate Pin Up Pout

Have you ever wanted fuller, healthier, plumpier... (that is soooo not a word) lips??

I know I sure have!!!!! I am blessed with the worlds smallest top lip and it has been the bane of my lipstick loving existence!

I looked at lip injections... There is honest to God, no way in hell I am putting a needle in my lip. OUCH! I'm just not that brave.

I looked at those lip suction cup thingys... again, not going there as I can't imagine they are any good at all for my skin, let alone the blood vessels beneath the skin. Plus I wanted something that lasted a little longer.

I've even tried lip plumping glosses. They did plump my lips but usually because they are full of capsicum, pepper or cinnamon powder which generally burn like hell which cause an inflammation of the lip area. So all I really did was make myself look like I had been stung by a bee... temporarily.

Side Note: If you are using a lip plumper that does "burn" when you are applying it PLEASE be careful. Regular use can make you more prone to an allergic reaction. If you are wary of your plumper because it burns, ditch it and look for something that does not irritate your skin. You have options! In this case, "no pain no gain" is NOT the mantra you are looking for...

Now, FINALLY I have found a long-lasting LEGITIMATE lip volumiser that works wonders!!!!!

Lip Volumiser By SeneGence

The Lip Volumiser by SeneGence is really quite incredible. I saw instant results when I started using and by week 2 the results were amazing! To put it on, it goes on smoothly and feels like luxurious velvet on your lips. It's a feeling I genuinely love! I would pop my Volumiser on morning and night (out of pure addiction) and it kept my lips hydrated, healthy and gave them XXL volume!

Lip Volumiser By SeneGence

I now only use my Volumiser once a week, just to keep my lips in great condition. I genuinely look forward to my "treat" day now.

If you are searching for a lip volumiser that promotes long-lasting effects, you need to look for ingredients that engage in hydration and promote "cell boosting". You want something has a whole lotta biological additives that will promote healthy, regulated cellular growth for long-term results!

You need this volumiser! Want it? Click here

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