Wait... I think I just had an epiphany?

Epiphany - a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.

At this very second I have two beautiful daughters asleep in their beds (well one is in my bed but still, that counts yeah?), my gorgeous sister-in-law who is up for a holiday is asleep in her bed, I have my very fluffy dog asleep on the floor at my feet & a cat that is fighting me for the ability to lay on this keyboard.

It's 10:30pm and I should absolutely be asleep myself... but I'm not because I think I had an epiphany...

As I was tidying up & convincing myself to actually go to bed I was thinking about a live video I had been watching earlier today on Facebook in one of the support groups I'm a part of with SeneGence. The video itself was actually about marketing and self-branding but what had my mind in a tiz were thoughts about the good friend of mine that was speaking in this video. I have known her for five or more years now and I actually met her at my workplace. She has ALWAYS been an incredible organised, motivated & efficient worker but today I saw another side of her... she was BRILLIANT!

Not only was she brilliant, she was passionate, she was involved, she was there, really there, in that moment as she was talking to the many women watching. She had faith in her words, she had faith in her sisterhood watching and she was on fire! I watched that video and to be honest, in the beginning I was like...

"Eh, I don't need to rebrand myself, people know how I am, they know my business..."

Jesus, could I have been more naive... but that's a whole other blog.

By the end of the video I was enthralled by her story & excitement. My mind was full of brand new ideas & goals!

The best part of this video was watching my friend freakin' own it. I loved watching her blossom into this confident, empowered women right before my eyes. As I think back to the girl who sat next to me in my office & helped convince me my junk food choices were valid, I couldn't help but think about how far we have come. Today, I saw the best version of her & I truly believe that she has found her calling. This journey has awakened her in ways she probably hasn't even realized yet but I saw it today, loud and clear and my God that makes me so damn happy.

I'm so proud of you & so happy for you Teegs!

lipsence sisters

I don't want this blog to be about "selling my business" or about "joining my team" what I do want it to be about is the acknowledgment of the incredible things that we can achieve when we choose to do something for ourselves. Something that we are actually passionate about, something that lights a fire in our souls.

I know my soul fire is well and truly lit and I have dreams bigger than I ever knew I wanted...

I owe it all to one decision I made 5 months ago. I took a chance & I changed my life.

I want you all to make those choices.

Choose you! Everyday, all day.

Do something that makes you want to get up in the morning.

Do something that makes you want to stay up at night because you are too excited to sleep!

I know it's easier to say this than do it but it really does just take one choice.

So Ragers, that's my epiphany. I suddenly realised I'm finally doing what I have always meant to be doing.

Empowering my peers to be brave, be confident & be successful. I can't wait to show you the next part of my journey.


Ash xxx

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