The perfect tan... In a bottle!

I'm gonna be real honest, straight up...

I don't tan.

I would love to say it's out of choice because Pin Up's aren't tanned but honestly it's because every time I even look a bottle of tanning lotion I instantly resemble an Oompa Loompa.

I had come to accept that I was going to be a gorgeous shade of fluorescent white for ever. Kinda like Snow White! Or Nicole Kidman... Either way, I was ok with it.

Then SeneGence released the Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk and my mind was blown.

There are a ridiculous amount of amazing reviews about this product so I decided to crack open a bottle & give it a try.

Here is a quick run down of my pro's & con's from my experience.


~ It smells AMAZING!!! Seriously, yummy stuff. It reminds me of summer & Pina Coladas. Delicious!

~ It feels cool and refreshing when the mist hits your skin. No sloppy lotions, no drips. Just a cool, refreshing mist that turns your skin glowingly gold.

~ Super easy to apply. Point. Spritz. Rub into your skin. Wash your hands. Done.

~ No stains!! I popped my tan on just before I went to bed. Normally that would be a rookie mistake and as I lay there in my beautiful 1000 thread count sheets I thought to myself

"You f@$king idiot!" But next morning there was nothing. My favourite sheets were unharmed (Thank God!)

~ My skin immediately felt ultra hydrated and so silky smooth.

You know how nice it feels when you lay in crisp, fresh sheets with freshly shaved legs. Yeah, times that by a million.

~ The end colour. NO ORANGE! :D Thank the Lord! I now have this perfectly bronzed glow and I love it. It's not too dark, it's not too light. For me, it is perfect.


~ You do get over-spray, make sure that you lay a towel down underneath you because it will also make your tiles silky smooth as well and you don't want to go A over T butt naked covered in a glistening golden glow...

~ If you are chaotic like me and swap from one hand to another as you move all over your body, you will get lotion on the bottle which does make it slippery & hard to hold. Simple fix. Plan you tan. Or alternatively, keep your towel close so you can wipe the bottle clean and get a better grip.

~ Make sure you close the curtains. Soooo not great for your confidence if you are reinacting an odd yoga pose so that you can reach all of your back and a car horn toots...

All in all, I am in love. I will be using this regularly, not only for the brilliant colour it gives but also because my skin has never felt so good!

Here are my results:

Pre-Tan 24 hours after application

If you haven't tried it yet. Seriously, get your hands on one of these bad boys! Click here to place your order.

If you've tried this tan please let me know how you went in the comments below!

If you are an experienced tanner... Give me your tips!!! I would love to hear your self-tanning hacks.