Cars + Beach + Summer + Full Face Of Makeup = ??

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I know what you are thinking... this woman is crrraaaazzzzzyyyy. A full face of makeup for a car show held on one of the HOTTEST days in November??

You're right. I am crazy. Crazy as a fox! What better way to put the SeneGence cosmetic range to the test?

After spending the night forging brand new friendships & sleeping in a tent, on an incredible airbed that us rookies actually forgot to pack bedding for... Thank God our Bel Air has Mexican blankets as seat covers! I woke up feeling a teensy bit "tired". But after having a delicious brekkie cooked by the wonderful people that run the park and a much needed coffee, I was ready to get my glam on and put this make up to the test!

I headed to my Beauty Room aka the tent and sat down in front of my Beauty Bar aka our suitcase and put the fan on full, approximately 3 inches from my face.

It was 8am and it was already steamy HOT!

I began my normal makeup prep regime...

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment around the outer edge of my eyes. (Goddam laugh lines!)

MakeSense Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimiser - I bathed in that shiz, it's the best primer!

Green Concealer - to cover the dark circles under my eyes... I blame the beer.

Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturiser to hydrate my skin and even out my skin tone.

A light coverage of Almond Original Foundation which also protects me from the sun.

I topped it off with a touch of the Natural Translucid Powder to help mattify my look - Even with the fan blowing my eyelashes back I could feel my skin beginning to... glow.

I used Silver Rose Translucid Powder for my blush.

Mocha Java ShadowSense for my brows and to add a touch of colour on my eyes.

I brushed on a touch of Pearlizer pretty much everywhere. Highlight for my cheeks, nose, chin, upper lip, brows, inner eye & collar bone... Seriously, world's greatest highlighter EVER!

I've also used LashSense in black on my lashes and for my perfect bright red lip I used Cranberry with Glossy Gloss.

Finally, I've chosen Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner Pen to draw my wings on.

Fun Fact: Did you know that sitting in front of a fan on as high as it will go is not only entertaining cause you can make funny voices when you speak into it but it also makes your eyes water and makes it ridiculously hard to put on mascara. It also makes it really hard to put a dress on... FYI.

This is me at the beginning of the day, fresh out of the Beauty Room...

I had a fun-filled day of roaming around the many beautiful cars, listening to all the stories that go along with them and drinking LOTS OF WATER! I did a little bit of shopping through the market stalls, spent a few minutes staring at the kids water park wishing I could go lay down in the middle of it, drank a few more beers, ate some food, had lots of laughs and even managed to squeeze in a few smooches with the hubby. After all that, I finally checked my makeup. I fully expected to have sweat most of my foundation off, I thought for sure I would have make up all over the straps of my incredible Unique Vintage dress and I assumed at some point I would have given myself Panda eyes from wiping the sweat from my brow...

NOTHING HAD CHANGED. I was sweaty, yes, but my make up was not phased by this. My hair however had flattened out significantly, no amount of hairspray could compete with the humidity that day.

My brows looked untouched, my blush and foundation coverage was still perfectly flawless and my gorgeous red lips were still bright and vibrant. I knew my lipstick was going to be perfect but I was genuinely amazed by these products. I had given them one hell of a workout and they passed with flying colours!!

When SeneGence says that they are Smudge Proof, Budge Proof & Waterproof, they mean it.

I had the BEST day out up at Cars On Conway and if your are even remotely interested in cars or cool people you should absolutely go for a look. They have the most amazing water park for the little ones to play on and keep cool and lots of live entertainment for the grown ups to check out. I can guarantee you Betty Rage Beauty will be there again next year!

For more info on Cars On Conway head to Conway Beach Tourist Park's Facebook page.

My outfit choice for the day is a dress called the Rita Halter Flare Dress.

It is so comfortable, has just the right amount of stretch, hugs you in all the right places, supports you in all the right places and looks freaking amazing... It's nice and cool to wear which is a BIG bonus especially when you live in tropical North Queensland.

If you love my dress as much as I do! Head on over to Unique Vintage. They have the most amazing range of clothing ranging from true vintage to retro to modern pin up. It's well worth a look!

To check out the latest collection - CLICK HERE

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