You had me at Hello...

Hello Ragers! Welcome to the very first Betty Rage Beauty blog! Let me start with a little bit about myself, so you actually know who is rambling on in this blog & hopefully I will end this with some brand new friends.

My name is Ash, most people call me this, some call me Mum, some call me things I probably shouldn't repeat here... I have lived locally in Mackay my entire life & cannot imagine calling anywhere else home, well at least not yet. I am a caffeine addicted, car loving, super awesome wife & a totally neurotic mother to 2 incredible little girls. They are 2 & 7 years old & they genuinely believe they are '30-something' women who have done it all & know better than I do... (which generally they do but for Heavens sake don't tell them that!) I have an adorable dog called Micki & an asshole cat called KitKat, I love them both. I lose my shiz when the house isn't as clean as I want it, I love long, hot baths, I hate that I don't have a bathtub in my house & (don't judge me) I absolutely LOVE Bon Jovi & pretty much all 80's Rock music, much to my husbands despair. I turned 30 this year (Wooo!!), married the love of my life (wedding pic to the right -->), honeymooned, dieted, carb-loaded, posed for a Pin Up Calendar & decided begin a rather scary but delightfully surprising adventure.

Four months ago I signed up as an Independent LipSense Consultant with a friend of mine. She messaged me one day, out of the blue & told me about all the perks that I could enjoy, what a wonderful company SeneGence was & all the finer details I needed to know but there was one thing that really hit a chord with me.

She was offering me an opportunity to start something for myself.

Something as big or little as I wanted it to be, something that could give me the chance to spend more time with my kids, something that could help me contribute more to our household financially, something to reignite the fire in my soul... I wanted that, I wanted it badly. I wanted to do something that was exciting for me, something that I loved, something that I was passionate about, something that would challenge me in ways I hadn't imagined & honestly, though there have been hard days, I have loved every second of this roller coaster so far.

For those that do know me, they know all too well that despite my good intentions, technology & I don't always see eye to eye so the when I sat my husband down (sexiest nerdy man ever!) & told him that I wanted a website for Betty Rage & listed all the things I wanted to have on offer, I expected him to politely tell me I was dreaming. Instead, he got to work. He created something in ONE DAY that absolutely knocked my socks off! As I sat in front of the computer while he gave me a tour of my brand new website & showed me how to use it, I was so grateful & so in love with him that I bawled my eyes out the entire time & kept hugging him & whispering "thank you!". He had to do it all again the next day cause I couldn't remember anything that he had shown me & had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to be doing... :) Lucky I'm cute!

However, now that I have this exciting opportunity in front of me (and Tim's instructions fresh in my ears) I will do the very best I can to make this a page that you love too! There is a full online catalogue for you to browse through the products & get a closer look at the colour range. This will be updated as the limited edition colours & new products come out. You are able to place orders directly to me through the online catalogue & I will send you the invoice. It's that simple! You can also read up on all the current demo's on offer & book them right there & then online. How easy is that!

This blog will be where I will keep you updated on all the crazy "Behind The Scenes" antics of Betty Rage Beauty. I will put up video tutorials on how to use the SeneGence products, how to create different looks, comparisons with other products on the market & honest reviews of the full product range. If you have something in particular you would like to see compared with a SeneGence product or want to see any particular tutorials please leave your suggestions in the comments below. I would love to hear from you! Even if it's just more crazy, lip-synced music videos you want. ;)

I'm so glad that you are joining me on this wonderful adventure. Now that you know all about me, leave some comments & let me get to know you! I do LOVE making new friends! xoxo